Waste segregation

What is waste segregation?

Waste segregation refers to the separation of wet waste and dry waste, the purpose is to recycle dry waste easily and to use wet waste as compost.

Why should we segregate waste?

When we segregate waste, there is reduction of waste that gets landfilled and occupies space, air and water pollution rates are considerably lowered. Segregating waste also makes it easier to apply different processes - composting, recycling and incineration can be applied to different kinds of waste.

Here are some steps to manage and segregate waste:

1. Keep separate containers for dry and wet waste in the kitchen.

2. Keep two bags for dry waste collection- paper and plastic, for the rest of the household waste

3. Keep plastic from the kitchen clean and dry and drop into the dry waste bin. Keep glass/plastic containers rinsed of food matter.

4. Send wet waste out of your home daily. Store and send dry waste out of the home, once a week.

5. Keep a paper bag for throwing the sanitary waste.

Practising waste management and segregation as a community -

The best way to practise waste management is to form a group of like minded people. The process of waste segregation should be thoroughly explained to family/neighbours in your apartment building or neighbourhood. Create awareness amongst the staff in the apartment building/neighbourhood to help make the process easier. Acquiring separate storage drums for storing the dry waste and wet waste will be a great way to store bulk waste. Contact the local scrap dealer to collect the dry waste.

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